-Arden and James-

Mary and Alex have combined their talent, experience, and lifelong passion for local community to create Spotlight. They are providing an incredibly valuable service to local businesses and salespeople. As great listeners with a no-nonsense style, they captured my work in an authentic and classy way.



-Vintage Faerie Studio-

The ladies at Spotlight are amazing! Both have an exceptional eye- one for styling, the other for photography and combined is sheer brilliance. These ladies have a true appreciation for the handcrafted- how many of us labor intensely, work endlessly and love our craft. Both listen and work hard to showcase your vision, whether a restaurant, jewelry, bags, art… Mary and Alex were able to capture my brand beautifully- certainly no easy task. Slowly, they created a story with my pieces… with each photograph, the story unfolded and I became further engaged. I would not hesitate to use Spotlight again, and certainly will recommend them. Absolutely thrilled!



-Katee Boyle Blacksmithstress-

Give Spotlight the goods and they get the job done with autonomy so you may continue working on your goal while they shine a light on your craft. Mary and Alex work intimately with and custom each shoot to the needs of your business whether it’s selling your brand or your home. They put a unique perspective out there that does not exist elsewhere. Just check out their campaigns to see the proof!

 Rob Sigafoos Web-8